Science Meets Nature-Spa, our Vitamin C Showers

The Vitamin C showers help skin feel and appear younger, refreshed, and relaxed. They also boost collagen which prevents damage to your skin

and will leave your hair silky smooth and your skin without having to lubricate skin. Known for healing dermatitus, excema, and asthma and also relieves stress and depression, bad odors, and increases concentration.

How it works?

There is vitamin C instilled inside the shower cartridge which neutralizes chlorine from your shower water. Furthermore, the antibacterial ceramic beads in the top part of the shower head release an infrared energy that eliminate bacteria & colon in your water. The shower spray plate hole generates additional negative ions than your regular shower head to help you unwind & relax during your shower.

The shower head was also designed to produce thinner & more concentrated water streams so there is a pressure boost than branded shower heads. You will definitely feel like you are showering in a 5 star luxury haven!

The showers are anti-bacterial and release the antioxidant strength of 3000 lemons which increase firmness of the skin, relieve stress and have wonderful aromatherapy effects. A stainless steel water plate 8-10 more negative ions generated around waterfalls and the showers emit negative ions four times greater than those around Niagara Falls.

The showers reduce residual chlorine by 98% and also eliminate fine rust from warm pipes and water tanks as well as remove impurities and germs. Lime does not build up in them, so it is easy to clean the shower head. High 2-5 times greater than 3600 liters a year.

We have them installed in our showers which you will use privately at our spa.


New Article from Find Bliss Magazine – Mud Baths in LA

Creative Chakra Spa in Marina del Rey is a unique “beachside healing retreat” by the ocean that features “Exclusive Spa Experiences”. Comfortable and inviting, they can orchestrates up to 3-4 couples, party or a guest at any one time with private use of garden, infrared sauna, soaking bath or jacuzzi while visiting. My friend and I arrived for our Marine Bath with Dead Sea Botanical Mud and Geranium Oil a few minutes early and relaxed on the lushly landscaped patio. The tub that awaited us held two people comfortably. The water was warm, muddy, silky, and smelled divine. They say the mud detoxifies and hydrates; it felt both soothing and energizing. We luxuriated for a good 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, Vicki expertly finished our treatment with a Seaweed Chakra Massage, which nourished, nurtured, and sealed in the benefits of the mud. Bonus tip: Try the infrared sauna on the lanai. It’s magical. Creative Chakra Spa.