Marina del Rey Massage Therapy Summer Solstice Celebration

Creative Chakra Spa Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice & fun summer spa packages to choose from:

“The Lucid Wake Journey” is a guided meditation and information download that is focused on exploring the places in between consciousness and sub-consciousness, between wake and sleep. Within the workshop, you’ll take away meditative tools to apply into your daily life as you transition into having a new perception of the world around you. Lucid wake is a heightened state of clarity and awareness within the waking world. Welcome to a new journey.The LUCID WAKE JOURNEY

“LUCID”= Having clarity of perception and understanding.

“LUCID DREAM”= Being aware that you are within a dream.

“LUCID WAKE” = Being aware that you are sleeping within your wake.


What is “the Lucid Wake Journey?”

It is an exploration of both senses seen and unseen. In the lucid dream, the dreamer passes through a middle ground where the world of wake and the world of sleep overlap. This is the Theta brain wave state also paralleling to states of deep meditation. It is also the place between our conscious and sub-conscious worlds. The term medium correlates to meditation in the root of the middle ground.


The Tools within the Journey:

In The Lucid Wake Journey, we will be exploring this place of meditation in between sleep and wake, conscious and subconscious to gain a heightened awareness of both ourselves as well as the world around us. We will be using a collage of many healing tools both old and new including drumming and rhythm, sound bowls, rattles and shakers, Reiki, Chakra balancing, binaural beats, guided visualization, Theta Healing, Tai Chi exercises, vocal mantras, tuning forks, as well as other modalities. Some guest practitioners will also be brought in from time to time to offer addition techniques into our tool box.


What will the Experience be like?

The sessions will be conducted within a close and protected circle of your peers. We will create a safe container for all the individual to enter deep states of consciousness. You can lay down or sit in a meditative position, what ever you find most comfortable. The circles will be adaptive and we will most likely alternate different approaches and modalities. Some of the events will be catered to certain themes such as grounding, meeting our emotions, awakening our intuition, and so on and so forth. In the past, people have experienced seeing vivid colors, shapes, and interesting environments very much like you would in a dream. You will take away tools from the experience that you can directly apply to the waking world and your daily life.

People will also have the option to share their experiences with the group at the end of the session if they choose. Often times people find them selves surprised in common themes and images between different experiences within the group. The experience has often been correlated to a non-substance induced Shamanic Journey.


You’re Host:

Matt Cummings, a licensed massage therapist with a wide range of holistic backgrounds including Reiki, Chakra balancing, guided meditations, dream analysis, Acupressure, Swedish, Structural Foot Balancing, Reflexology, Numerology, Herbs and Plant Medicine, light therapy, sound healing, Vibrational Healing Massage, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Shamanistic Journeys. He has also been a guest within a number of different Native American Tribal ceremonies. Compassion and empathy are important traits with his facilitation of healing for others.


Details of the event:

The event will take place at

Creative Chakra Spa

Sunday evenings after sunset (6pm-til sunset)

In order to be inclusive of all classes of people, there are 3 categories with a sliding scale option. Also a small number of gift tickets will be given out. The price range:

LOW INCOME discount: $5-$15



 Its an honor system, so you choose what you feel is right.)

Fathers’ Day at the spa

fathers day gifts

This Father’s Day show Dad your love

Dads’ are our heros, they are strong and protective. Give Dad back some love and show him how much you care. Some TLC of a massage can improve athletic performance or help heal sports injuries as well as flexibility . Massage triggers endorphins that help you relax mentally and physically. It eases tension in the body and stress all of which take a toll on the body and mind.

Garden Cabana Couples Massage

Garden Cabana Couples Massage

Some quality r’n’r for Dad, can change everything. Recent studies reveal that massage is proven to lower insulin and cortisol levels as well as lower heart rates. These can cause major health issues and stress if left untreated. Tension headaches, TMJ and neck pain can be alleviated with Indian Head massage which is a 30 min aromatherapy hot oil and meticulous head and neck massage. Massage Therapy, whether a combination of deep tissue, swedish, shiatsu or sport massage shows that it relieves neck and back pain considerably while reducing heart rate and high blood pressure as well as common back pain. Massage is now recognized by the medical profession too.

So show him your appreciation by giving a thoughtful gift that he will remember! No neck-ties, over the top gadgets of the previous years,this gift will be treasured by him. It is like a mini-retreat/vacation that also feels wonderful and takes care of his health and well-being for years to come. To impress him even more, try one of the couples massage for him and Mom!

fathers day gifts

Creative Chakra Spa as it has privacy built into each package. The private facilities of steam, sauna or jacuzzi and private shower room. Just minutes from lots of popular beach restaurants on Washington Square and 3 tiny blocks from the Venice Pier. Incorporate, a beach visit, a massage and enjoy food together at this established beach spa.