8 Easy and Convenient Ways for Seniors to Eat and Live

Research and studies about health education remind us that the earlier we institute healthy habits, the more substantial the rewards. However, integrating healthy habits at any time of life provides major benefits. Here are some easy ways you can live a healthier life.

1. Meal delivery services

If you struggle with getting to the grocery store to find fresh fruit and vegetables, try a meal delivery service instead. Check out local options so you can take the guesswork out of putting together healthy meals. Analyses show that plant-based meals are one of the most popular meal delivery options, and they make healthy eating an easy and convenient choice. Meal delivery services can deliver your food ready to eat, or they can send you ingredients and recipes that you cook yourself.

2. Do strength training for your bones

Strength training obviously builds muscle, but it also plays an important role in protecting joints from injury and preserving bone density. It’s good for your bones to stay active, which can prevent a lot of injuries down the road. If you aren’t very active, start off with some easy exercises that use chairs and other assistive devices. You can use light weights and use variations on exercise that will help your bones stay strong.

3. Exercise in groups

If you are looking to work out, try doing it in a group. Working out in a group provides a motivating social community. You can also find instructors who can give tips to help prevent injury. Many local recreation centers hold exercise classes for seniors. There are also yoga studios that have teachers who can cater to your needs. Yoga is a great adaptive exercise that fits people of all skill levels, because there are so many ways to practice it. It’s also important to stay social, so working out in a group is a way to do both.

4. Get outside regularly

According to an article from Business Insider, getting outside can help sharpen the mind, improve short-term memory, and even boost the immune system. The indoors can be even more polluted than the outdoors, so getting fresh air is especially good for your lungs. If you aren’t in a position to leave your house, try opening a window or a door to enjoy a fresh breeze. Try to get outdoors at least once a day.

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5. Spend time with close friends and family

Stress can accelerate the aging at a cellular level, but having a strong social support group can help the body regulate its stress response. Reach out to people you love, and spend time with them at least once a week. It helps to have positive social interactions at least once a day, and making new friends can be one good way to do it. Ask people questions about themselves, and find things that you have in common.

6. Catch up on those Zzz’s

Sleep patterns often change as individuals age, which can result in a harder time falling asleep or staying asleep. Getting enough sleep is good for your memory and cognitive function, so try to find ways to wind down before bed. It helps if you start winding down at least 30 minutes before bed, although the ideal would be an hour before bed. Do relaxing activities and shut off screens during that time. Take some time to meditate and calm your mind.

7. Think about modifications and security

If you start noticing that getting around your house is becoming a bit more troublesome, then you might need to think about making some quality-of-life modifications. For example, in addition to adding grab bars and non-slip flooring in the bathroom, you can add a railing to staircases to ensure you have proper support when going between floors. Also, take your safety and security into consideration. Modern home tech such as smart doorbells allow you to see who’s on the other side of the door without having to answer it, and security cameras keep an eye on things around your property via an app on your tablet or smartphone.

8. Play mind games

Enjoying brain games can help build up a mental reserve that protects the mind from dementia and age-related cognitive decline. Some of these games include crossword puzzles, sudoku, visual puzzles, and mazes. You can find brain games online and on apps as well. You’ll also benefit from learning new skills, developing your critical thinking, and improving your mind daily.

Sometimes, healthy living can feel far out of your grasp, but there are convenient ways to improve the way you live. Signing up for meal delivery, exercising, getting outside, and socializing are just a few ways to improve your overall health. Try to make time in your life for your own health, because there’s only one you.

by sandie