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Creative Chakra is about empowering ourselves through health and creativity.  It is my personal mantra that was discovered through the energy of reiki.  Beach Dancer Films is also my creative company that inspires me to make films, documentaries and comedies. In the same realm I find the healing arts to be enthralling and creative, each body is the same and yet each is unique.  Putting everything back together in the order of nature is our work at Creative Chakra and healing in your highest sense is perfect.

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Trivia – Sandie West served a season as stunt person for the Pink Power Ranger for Saban and is an accomplished Yoga Instructor with a celebrity clientèle following.

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Go to www.sandiewest.com to learn more about Sandie West

See www.beachdancerfilms.com Sandie has a slate of 10 films/TV projects, 3 in post and seven moving along!

Sandie is a massage therapist and yoga teacher as well as having formulated 300 of her own aromatherapy/herbal & organic skin, hair and body products as well as elixirs and tea blends.  These products are available at the spa and sometimes at local boutique stores.

The passion behind that of Sandie West, is that she herself is a performer, director, producer and actress as well as comedianne:  a multi-talent with platforms that include Comedy Improv (worked with Eddie Izzard in London & here in Second City here in LA as well as stand-up (televised and on the LA circuit). She loves to direct comedy shorts, sketches, etc with her Second City & Improv Olympic talented peers.

In London, Sandie was founder/director of an esteemed West End Theater Company, New Playwrights & Players in Covent Garden working with Lenny Henry, Royal Court Theater and also an actress who often worked with Mike Leigh. Sandie found her home and her lifestyle in LA after coming to study at the Lee Strasberg, from day 5 in LA, Sandie appeared on stage, in films, TV comedy, talk shows, TV host, and run the gamut from Wayne’s World 2 to a season as a stunt women as The Pink Power Ranger for Saban in 1999.

Behind the scenes, Sandie is employed as Director, DP or Producer, having done production for Spelling TV to Press Relations on SAG Awards Ceremony 2004 to production coordinator on car commercials. She loves it all, behind or in front of camera and producing. She is currently in 2014 producing a documentary called “Yoga of the Mind”, an environmental documentary, “Save the Blue Herons” as well as a short film on the London Music Scene in the early 90’s to be announced. Also in 2014, as an actress, she co-starred in a SAG comedy pilot, “Trophy Lives” and had a small part in a comedy called Courting Chaos which went to Sundance and has won 3 wins & 1 nomination so far! Sandie is also an accomplished Yoga Instructor working with celebrity clientele. This is LA!!!

Sandie West and the cast of “Phishing for Love” won an audience Award.  It was shot, directed and produced by Sandie in which 5 out of 8 were MDR talent in the cast. This is a contribution to the work that she has done in the community of Marina Del Rey since 2006.  She presides on the board of Marina Peninsula Community Council and is a founding member that specializes in communications, PR, events & Marketing/Social Media as well as leading others in the community/LAPD/Government affairs.

Sandie laughs that she just wanted to be a board member when she grows up….as she also presides on the Venice Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors furthering her passion for community and business.  She is also co-chair of The Venice Media District which is instrumental in creating a sustainability in business and with the community in Silicon Beach.

In addition, Sandie also is on the committee for New Media/Digital Film Committee which is part of the prestigious British Academy of Film and TV Arts.  Prince William is the chair-man and there is so much talent in the academy. In addition, BAFTA has a mission to inspire others to the moving image – so in 2015 Sandie worked with The BAFTA Education & Outreach Committee & LEAP, an after school program to teach 11-14 year olds how to make films in a 3 month pilot program that could then be used throughout the U.S in the LEAP program with the curriculum BAFTA set forth.  Sandie was one of the 4 directors involved in this program which resulted in a film and a screening.

Sandie is currently shooting 2 documentaries, & is an award winner for the short “Phishing for Love” and will be shooting a original comedy pilot that she wrote soon.