Ancient Ayurveda & Healing Scrubs & Wraps

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All treatments come with a complimentary sugar scrub infused with aromatherapy oils

Every culture and every period throughout the history of mankind has created their own unique form of Ancient Healing, from Ayurveda in India to Grecian water therapies, and the barely discovered wealth of therapies hidden in the Amazon Rainforest. This page will open your mind to the many healing benefits offered outside of Western Medicine. These therapies are luxurious, but crucially they serve a medicinal function we are sure you will appreciate.

Here at Creative Chakra we offer a full range of Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda, means the science of life (Ayur = Life, Veda = Science). This ancient medical philosophy developed thousands of years ago in India. Where it is said the Gods themselves passed the knowledge to humans. Ayurveda maintains health and enables your body to fight illness through therapies, massages, herbal medicines, diet control and exercise. Yoga is an essential part of Ayurvedic practice.

Kerala Ayurveda ~ Shirodhara ~ 1hr (Ayurveda)
Balancing the doshas by releasing and distributing chakra energies to all the body’s cells. Third-eye oil drip calms the mind.

Abayanga ~ 1hr (Ayurveda)
Detox and rebalance. For best results, have two therapists work on you simultaneously!

Panchakarma ~ 80min  (Ayurveda)
Supervised five action detoxification. Consultation is free at 1st visit.

Marma Points ~ 1hr (Ayurveda)
Massaging these energy points promotes pranic flow and healing.

Pindasweda ~ 1hr (Ayurveda)
Gentle herbal rejuvenation concentrating on all joints.

The Dosha Balancing Massages ~ 1hr  (Ayurveda)
Using our proprietary balancing formulas~Vata~Pita~Kapha

(Available for Purchase Body Lotion for continued self-care after spa therapy & dosha elixir teas)

Ayurvedic Glow ~80min (Ayurveda)
Dosha analysis: which elements are strong and weak in your now? Does Vata, Pita or Kapha dominate in you now? Dry skin brush, followed by a massage of blended oils to moderate your overcharged doshas and stimulate your undercharged doshas.

Set up a appointment for more information on diet and your doshic constitution

We sell dosha balancing teas in the Spa Tea Room & in our online store

When possible all ingredients are organic, fair trade and bought from indigenous tribes to support their cultures and green commerce.

Enquire about our Couples Ayurveda Cooking Classes

Balance with  our Ayurveda Healing Food Plan read here…

PITTA Balancing


Tuscany Vino-therapy Chianti Sea Salt Scrub – 80min (Vino-therapy)
Polyphenols to protect against free radicals, this protects and heals damaged skin and promotes anti-aging.

Sacred Herbal Healing Wrap ~ 80min  (Yoruba)
Your body is swathed in either Western flowers: Lavender, Chamomile and Marigold; or, with Thai herbs: Lemongrass, Ginger, Turmeric and Kaffir.

Savanna Yoruba Wrap and massage ~ 80min  (Yoruba)
African herbs and vitamins A, E and F in Shea Butter nourish and replenish your immune system.

Homeopathy Scrub & Massage Wrap ~ 80min (Homeopathy)
Flower essences lift you up, provide antioxidants and stress relief. These are gentle energies supporting the body’s cellular memory, inducing a sense of balance and peace.

Amazon Rainforest Agate Nut Scrub ~ 50 mins  (Amazon Rainforest)
A massage with babasou and essential oils. Restore your natural glow while supporting sustainable Rain Forest management.

Provence Pure Lavender Wrap and Massage ~ 80min  (Aromatherapy)
Deeply soothing and purifying , to enhance circulation.

Aroma Body Wrap ~ 80min  (Aromatherapy)
Warm oils are infused into your skin and cocooned. Enjoy massage, reflexology and an Indian head Massage.

Cellulite Kur Dead Sea Mud Wrap ~ 80min  (Grecian)
The mud is applied to target areas to shrink inches from legs, arms and waist for cellulite reduction and weight loss. This is followed by a lymphatic massage.

Dead Sea Botanical Mud Wrap and Massage ~ 80min (Grecian)
Ancient Romans called Dead Sea Mud Black Gold. This helps reduce water retention, joint pain, relives all skin problems and detoxifies the body of impurities.

Grecian Frankincense Honey-Sugar Scrub ~ 50 mins  (Grecian)
Delightful and sacred, this massage plumps healthy collagen.

Bali Usada Rose Otto Rice Powder Massage ~ 50 mins  (Usada)
No oil is used in this massage; rather, rice powder scented with rose oil for soothing cellular regeneration.

Thallosotherapy Detox Wrap and massage ~ 80min 
Moisturizes, repairs, boosts blood flow and eliminates toxins. Essential oils, aloe and seaweed nourish your system.

T.C.M. ~50 mins or  80min (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Acuppressure, shiatsu or Tui Na treatments.

Jalisco Folk Aloe Lime Deep Cleanse ~ 50 mins 
Deep clean blocked pores with scrub and massage.

Moroccan Rhassoul Hair and Body Mask ~50 mins 
For skin elasticity, acne and sensitive skin conditions.

Hawaiian Aloha Malama Pono ~ 50 mins
Aroma Steam, coconut scrub, Lomi-Lomi massage done with coconut, ginger, ylang-ylang essential oils.

Tahitian Tamanu Body Bliss massage ~ 50 mins 
A nourishing massage using native coconut, tamanu and vanilla oils and fragrances.

Crystal Chakra Balancing ~ 50 mins 
A massage using gems and Reiki energy to balance and release unwanted energies.

KAPHA Balancing



Worldwide Ancient Practices:

Italy * Vinotherapy harnesses the benefits of grape seed polyphenols (OPC), a powerful antioxidant. Treatments provide effective anti-aging skincare.

Africa *Yoruba is a herbal based skin care philosophy. Therapists use natural resources, such as chamomile, Arnica flower, aloe, rosemary, and watercress.

Europe *Homeopathy is a alternative medicine that interprets diseases and sickness as disturbances in the bodies vital life force. Homeopaths restore balance with remedies made from plants and minerals.

Brazil *Amazon Rainforest Herbs is botanical based. Therapists use flower and plant extracts to quench your body’s thirst for nourishment & energy. Promoting natural anti-aging.

Greece *Grecian Therapies draw upon the knowledge of the ancient Greeks, utilizing baths, scrubs, wraps, sauna and massage to heal and cleanse the body of all ailments.

Indonesia *Bali Usada is a Balinese practice that uses natural herbs and spices, holistic therapies and ancient wisdom to cure physical and mental illness.

Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.

~Jim Rohn

All products for the following spa therapies are artisan spa products made in hand batches and available for purchase in our store or online.

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