Chakra Facials

Facials are beneficial for anti-aging naturally

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Aromatherapy face products to be prepared before your appointment or from our Online Store!

Skin Analysis add-on.  We take a photo of your skin and analyses the depth of the wrinkles and lines, takes a measurement of the depth of the pores, and assesses the amount of sun damage to your skin.

We will also use a tool to show you the percentage of moisture in your skin and will use it to hydrate skin. Your therapist will show you/discuss how your skin will look in a few years. 

Non Invasive Add-ons : Facial Contouring: Galvanic, Facial Contouring, Micro-current.

Chakra Light Therapy (eg. addresses collagen renewal, calm the skin, lymphatic, dark circles, etc)

Chakra Facials

 We use our proprietary blend of eleven essential oils are used in sequence to awaken the senses, and deeply cleanse and nourish the delicate facial skin.

Our Signature Chakra Lift Facial – 1 hr  ~ Eleven essential oils are used to awaken the senses, and deeply cleanse and nourish the delicate facial skin. This facial releases muscle tension, whilst promoting cellular growth and balancing the epidermis ph-level. Clients will feel, and see, the healing benefits of essential oils combined with expert lymphatic facial massage. 50 min  or 80 min 

Cool & Hot Stone Face Firming Facial (all skin types)or (Chakra Stone Facial )­ 1 hr ~ This advanced facial tightens naturally and lifts and contours, improving facial muscle and skin tone.  Brings relaxation and balance to the body and mind. Deep lifting and firming techniques.  The cool stone/hot stones helps with bloating, lymph and swelling.

Anti-Aging Facial (30+) ­ 1 hr ~This facial is for older skin types. We begin with a deep cleanse, followed by the aromatherapy steam. A micro-fine sea salt is applied to exfoliate, exposing the new skin and helping to reduce pigmentation. Your therapist uses Shiatsu points to stimulate toxins from deep within the epidermis, and intensive lymphatic massage to drain these toxins from the face. The effect is to reduce puffy congestion and promote elasticity and tightness, especially around the jaw and eye areas. Relax with a renewing collagen and vitamin C mask which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, while the vitamin C stimulates cellular renewal.

Ocean Air facial (all skin types) ­ 1 hr  ~ Nourish and cleanse the skin with rejuvenating and calming seaweed that promotes clarity and calms even the most sensitive of skin types. A relaxing aromatherapy steam will clear the senses, blockages from the epidermis whilst reducing pores. The facial massage stimulates the lymphatic gland.

Ayurvedic Facial – 1hr  Ayurveda uses the tri-dosha consitutional system to treat each client as the unique individual they are. Our Ayurvedic specialist will firstly determine your constitutional type. This will dictate the herbs and marma points used during your facial. The marma points give the appearance of a mini-facelift.

Recent reviews of those who wish to be published on our website which may help in choosing certain packages.

Marine Facial (dry or sensitive) ­ 1 hr  ~ From the beginning this facial seeks to nourish and enhance dry skin types with a photo-nutrient cleanser, relaxing steam and soothing aloe vera. The Seaweed face mask renews whilst calming the most irritated of skins. This facial also includes a revitalizing eye treatment. The perfect choice for dry, sun damaged skin. 


Mens Grooming Facial 1 hr ~ Washing & Shaving can take quite the toll on even the roughest, manliest skin. Put your best face forward while avoiding irritation with our home made Lavender & Aloe Men’s Facial.The Creative Chakra Aromatherapy Aloe after – shaving gel is a must for men. Includes Indian Head Massage.

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Would you like to hold an Event here? Creative Chakra is used frequently for Spa Parties, Pre-Wedding Parties, and as a Location for shows such as Millionaire Match Maker and America’s Next Top Model to name a few. We also provide On-Set Services for those in the film industry, indeed this is how Creative Chakra began.

Epicuren & Plant-based products

Epicuren Skin Care Products use water-based fresh enzymatic-infused gels and lotions that go far beyond the spectrum of normal skin care. Creative Chakra Aromatherapy Products work in conjunction to compliment each therapy.

The word Epicuren comes from the Latin words Epi and Curen which mean to heal orcure. Not only does it diminish wrinkles, it erases them. It lifts, tightens, increases elasticity and density in the skin and gives it a youthful glow. Research has shown that Epicuren literally changes the skin at the molecular level.