Transformational Life Coaching

Transform and over-come your fears, we will go over the internal and external obscacles that tend to hold people back. Change the programming with awareness that gives you the ability to stop the automatic reactions and take control of your life. Here are some of the topics we will implement and a printed/digital manual will be provided.

Your lifes purpose and identifying what you want

Your success mindset and sphere of influence

Overcoming indecision, planning and accountability

Changing limiting beliefs and reframing your thoughts

Cultivating Mindfulness

Master your will power and change your habits

Fear of Rejection/Judgment/Being Different: This is ultimately the need for approval.

Fear of Uncertainty/Discomfort: We are hard-wired to seek comfort and certainty, and avoid failure.

Stuck in Habits/Patterns: We are creatures of habit who value routine.

Overwhelm: The tendency to suffer from disorganization, lack of clarity, and catastrophic thinking.

Confidence and Self-efficacy: The lack in belief in your abilities or inability to trust yourself.

Fear of Disappointment/Failure: Lack of faith that it will work out and fear of not meeting our own expectations, or others not meeting our expectations.

Fear of Unintended Consequences: Change begets change. When one area of life is changed, it impacts other areas. Sometimes it requires other changes, and those changes may be scary or unpleasant. Sometimes changes impact other people and it can be hard and emotional straining to handle their reaction.

Lack of Clarity/Motivation: The tendency for people not to know what they want or why they want it.

Creative Chakra Spa Healing Festival

Chakra Festival is a branded lifestyle festival with Creative Chakra Spa. 

We look forward to changing lives one day at a time and we know the power of authentic films can heal a whole nation.    

ALL INCLUDED; Live Music, Yoga Classes, Massage, Outdoor Evening Film, Chakra Healing and More!

Sponsored by Purity Organic, Mixology Agency, and Chakras Flower Energies

Please wait til we announce next festival to RSVP here on eventbrite or our calendar on homepage