Chakra Yoga

Monday nights 6:30PM

Chakra Yoga at the studio, on the beach or garden.

This gentle class focuses on relaxation, stillness and breathing. If you’re under stress, injured or sore, this class will help restore your mind and body. The room is not heated, and no experience is required. SMALLEST CLASS ON THE WESTSIDE GIVES YOU CUSTOM INSTRUCTION (only 7 per class)
1 hour class, gently heats, relaxes, restores the body, and balances chakra energy. Combines vinyasa & restorative yoga, & meditation.



  While yoga is a cultivation of attitude that occurs throughout your day, your mat becomes the sacred classroom you enter whenever you practice. Therefore, your mat becomes like an outer temple, a place to step onto with reverence and intention, to hold you in grace as you open your inner temple (Chakra Yoga; Anodea Judith, p. 12)

Our teachers

Sandie West

Sarah Costanza



Sarah has been practicing yoga for nearly 15 years.  Having been a competitive national level gymnast, All-American springboard diver, and triathlete, Sarah found yoga as a way of not only preserving her body, but also healing it after sustaining many injuries during her years in competitive athletics.  Though she has her master’s degree in Interior Design and Architecture, these days she finds much more satisfaction and fulfillment teaching and practicing yoga, and guiding her students through yoga informed wellness coaching.  She currently teaches in Marina del Rey, Venice, and Santa Monica.