Chakra Couples Spa Packages

  • Private Garden En Suite Cabana
  • Private exclusive time together.
  • Champagne Spritz Aromatherapy Bath for 2
  • Aromatherapy glass steam room for 2
  • Garden infrared sauna for 2
  • Allow 2 hours for each Couples Spa Experience.
  • Steps from the beach, watch the sunset before your massage. Our location allows you to make this a mini retreat from the hustle of LA. Enjoy our relaxed on beach before arrival.
  • 20% gratuity to all couples retreats
  • 24 cancellation policy is required.     
  • Slippers, robes, towels & toiletries with private Vitamin C showers


We loved that your spa was a relaxing oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of LA. Truly a rejuvenating experience. We feel recharged!” Krystal

“Entire experience felt like an urban oasis.  Fun to share ‘couples’ experience with my wife.  Very happy with everything!” -Trevor

Fireside Massage – per person $262.50, Total $525 now $380~ (As Seen on “Married to the Rock with Perry Farrell on our homepage video “) A 1hr Deluxe massage of your choice next to a glowing fire, in our garden Cabana, . Includes a spa suite with private bathroom/shower, and private, exclusive use of our Jacuzzi Bath with Aromatherapy and Infrared Sauna.  Culminates in a catered organic meal & dessert beneath toasty blankets.

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 Special – buy a 3 pack & get your 4th massage free which breaks down to $86 for 1hr massage! Can be used for couples too

Couples Love

Couples Nirvana Massage with Facialper person $160, Total $320 ~ (As Seen on Lifetime TV) Enjoy our Spa Suite with this head to toe complete delight, includes a massage of your choice and a luxury organic facial , men can opt for our Indian Head Massage.

Couples Surf n Sooth – per person $260, Total $520 ~ Catch the waves outside our door with our fun & informative surf instructor, afterwards enjoy vitamin C showers & custom hydrotherapy bath for 2 as well as a customized couples massage.  En-suite room, and private use of our Hydrotherapy


Cabana Massage – per person $140, Total $280 ~ (As Seen on MTV) Enjoy a daytime 1hr massage of your choice on our sunny patio. Feel the sun on your toes, and the ocean breeze ruffle your hair as gentle music wafts through the cabana.  Includes a spa suite with private bathroom/shower, and private, exclusive use of infrared sauna or steam room.

Couples Seaweed Wrap or Chocolate Massage/Scrub – $175 per person, Total $350 now $320 ~ (As seen on ‘The Doctors” – Emmy award winning TV show) Embracing the healing elements of the sea, Thalasotherapy rejuvenates and mineralizes the skin, drawing out toxins with  dry skin brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system and exfoliate the body, relish in a head and foot massage while you are wrapped.

Beachside Massage – per person $265 for two $530 ~ Weather permitting ~ as seen on Discovery Channel) A Thai or Shiatsu massage on the golden sands of the Marina shoreline. This massage is fully clothed. Includes a spa suite with private bathroom/shower, and private, exclusive use of our Hydrotherapy/Infrared Sauna


Champagne Sunset Couples Massage –  per person $262.50, Total $525, now $340 (includes champagne) ~ A 1hr massage of your choice. This experience includes an ensuite room, and private use of our Hydrotherapy/InfraredUnlike the other experiences we provide clients with a glass of chilled champagne with their organic meal and a delicious dessert outside on the patio


Sacred Yoga and Massage Day Retreat – per person $262.50, Total $525, Food $35~ (As Seen on Millionaire Matchmaker!)  This experience enables you to combine yoga and massage. You will receive a private yoga session tailored to your needs, followed by a massage of your choice in your en-suite room by candlelight.  Includes a spa suite with private bathroom/shower, and private, exclusive use of our Hydrotherapy/Infrared Sauna

Sweetheart Couples Massage – per person $247.75, Total $495 ~ A 1hr massage of your choice in your en-suite room by candlelight.  Includes a spa suite with private bathroom/shower, and private, exclusive use of our Hydrotherapy/Infrared Sauna.  Culminates in a catered organic meal outside in the garden area.

As seen on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

Nature surrounds Creative Chakra Spa

Sacred Lomi-lomi Couples experience: per person $199, Total $398 now $299
Aroma steam for 2, coconut scrub, lomi-lomi restorative & soothing, hydrating massage. (traditional Hawaii)

Garden Cabana Couples Massage

Deluxe Couples Honey Moon experience: per person $299, Total $598, now $498
Cabana Massage at the Beach watching the waves, includes Jacuzzi Bath with Aromatherapy and Infrared Sauna in our Private Garden area at the Spa.

Couples Relax enjoying exclusive time together

Bliss Therapy Ayurveda Couples Massage – per person $322.50, Total $645 ~ (As seen on Beverly Hills Housewives) the ultimate spa experience, includes 3rd eye oil drip & a therapist massaging each person for a traditional Ayurveda couples massage/Shirodhara – in your ensuite room by candlelight. This experience includes an ensuite room, and private use of our Hydrotherapy/Infrared Sauna Includes a Ayurvedic Consultation to determine your Dosha with essential oils/herbs tailored for you & afterwards balance your constitution with a special blended  herbal Vata, Kapha or Pita Tea for calming & soothing.(these formulas are blended by Creative Chakra)

Creative Chakra Spa Cabana Massage

Turkish Hamman Inspired Spa Experience: per person $260, Total $520, now $495 ~ (as seen on in Find Bliss Magazine) Soak in a Lemon and Eucalyptus Bath for two with oxygen therapy jets, enjoy an invigorating lemongrass and basil salt scrub that  detoxes the body and then a hot oil aromatherapy massage side by side, finish with a Lavender Tea and Acai Blueberry Chocolates. 80 mins


Sandy Beach – per person $192.5, Total $385 ~ Imagine for a moment, relaxing on the beach, with the warm sun, and warm sesame oil is rubbed into the body, and a slight breeze of sea salt sprinkles, heightening your sense of awareness.  This is then used to vigorously scrub the body, followed by shower, and a hydrating sun drenched Tahitian oil, coconut, and sesame blend.  Your skin will feel as soft as a baby’s! 80 minutes


Sweet Love Couples Massage– per person $140, Total $280, now $260 ~ Your choice of massage complete with Strawberries & Chocolates served in our lounge area. Available on special occasions.

Forever Mine Couples Massage: per person $149, Total $298  – massage & a fresh organic spa-made Chocolate Sugar Scrub and a Chocolate Cocoa Butter-cream (hydrates and nourishes the skin deeply) or choose a Rose. Available on special occasions.


“We’ve had many massages and I’m impressed by the ability to read our body’s needs and areas that need attention.” –Amie

Thank you so much for getting us in on such short notice. Very relaxing experience.  Jacuzzi was my favorite!” –Clark and Crystal

 “We felt comfortable and very welcomed. Loved the massage, the fact that we got to use the sauna and the shower as well.” –Marina

“The therapist found all the areas that needed attention and I appreciated all her efforts in giving us a very healing massage.” –Marcella

“The massage was great, personalized to my needs.  Very friendly and worked problem areas nicely.”  Neha & Namesh

“Very nice setting and relaxing. Perfect for what we wanted.” –Andy & Christopher

Recent reviews of those who wish to be published on our website which may help in choosing certain packages.

Creative Chakra begins at 00.30 ~ The Doctors TV Show – read more about chocolate and how it helps the skin out side of this show! We use cocoa butter and chocolate, due to its antioxidants and moisturizing properties.

We will add more TV shows soon/press etc but we do have it on other parts of the website. Thank you.