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As our signature quality of life program, They Will Surf Again (TWSA) is an award-winning series of bi-coastal events that empower paraplegics and quadriplegics to experience the freedom of mobility by riding a wave with the assistance of adaptive equipment and the support of hard working volunteers. They Will Surf Again has the unique ability to engage and bridge the able-bodied and disabled communities, as they collaborate to push the bounds of possibility for those with SCI.

More than a day of recreational activity, They Will Surf Again also serves as an exceptional opportunity for individuals with SCI and their families to network and establish new support networks outside traditional group support settings.
TWSA also shifts negative stereotypes of the paralysis community, as the public is able to learn, through watching or by participating in this program, what is truly possible beyond paralysis. We are thrilled that this program has given thousands of individuals hope and inspiration to reach new heights despite being challenged by mobility.

Check out the VIDEO from the “They Will Surf Again” program.
The 2015 “They Will Surf Again” Schedule is as follows:
May 30
Santa Monica, CA
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