Influencers at Creative Chakra Spa

Brent Philips – Theta Healing

John James Santangelo – N.L.P.

Secret to Abundance)Annette Carlstom – Awaken to Oneness – Deeksha

Gary Quinn – author of “Living in the Spirtitual Zone”

Rabbi Shari Preston – Kabbalah

Maoshing Ni – Founder of Yo San & author “Secrets of Longevity”

Nicola Salter – Aromatherapy (CEU’s for Acupuncturists)
Aleta St.James – author “Life Shift”, Chakra Balancing

Prosperity Manifesting – Debbie Friedman

Kick The Sugar Habit – Connie Bennett

Stop Smoking – Carrie Freeman

Secret to Manifesting –  John James Santangelo

-Instant Healing – Dave Markowitz

How to Attract Anything you Want – Christy Whitman

Intentional Wellness Conference- Sheila Sterling

Spiritual Empowerment Intuition Workshop – Jason Nelson
Dave Markowitz, Medical Intuitive

The ultimate “Everything Workout.” with Amy Cheryl

Creative Chakra Spa Founding member of The Wholistic Chamber of Commerce

Nutrition for Life – Eating to Create total Health

Introduction to Sustainable Living from the Inside Out
with Deborah Tull

Channeling / Acceleration of Consciousness Class with Shaw-nee

The ultimate “Everything Workout.” with Amy Cheryl

Loving Each Other, Loving Our Children with Ingrid Wafer

Healthy Homes, Healthy Bodies

Baby’s First Massage Workshop Certification Session

Dr. Jewell Radio Show on “Healthy Living”
feat. interview with Sandie West CEO of Creative Chakra Spa

10 Effective Habits of PARENTS with TEENAGERS
How to Create a Satisfying Relationship with Your Teenager

Being Dynamic at any age with Dr. Anne West

Psychic Development and After-Death Communication Workshopp Terri Daniel.

Stress Management Workshop Boris Prilutsky
Cellulite Reduction, TMJ & Full-Body Stretching Techniques

Health & Longevity with Lou Corono

Healing& Transformational Circle with Dave Markowitz

Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Guest Speaker Shari Covens

Basic & Advanced Theta Healing with Karen Abrams & Karen Ross
Pre-Requisite of Basic Theta Healing

ZYQ QiGong workshop with Dr. Martynova

N.L.P. with L.O.V.E. with Bruce Dickson

The Shift 30 Day Weight Mastery Process with Rita Black

April Bridal & Natural Beauty Makeup Class

Larry Cook – author of “Natural Healing & Vibrant Health”

Laura Bushnell – author of “Seven Keys To a Happier Life”

Julian Michael – Numerology

Linda Pynaker – author of “Make it Happen” Channel
Your Spirit Guides”

Michiko Rolek – author of “Improve Mental fitness”

Dana Lustig – Concept To Sundance

Derek Rydall – author of “Soul Business” Spiritual Path to Power and Purpose in the Entertainment Industry.

Ray Doktor – Past-Life Regression & Secret to Abundance

Holistic Practitioner 5 Elements Acupuncture School & Clinic

Yoga Alliance 200 hour Teacher Training Itsy Bitsy Yoga Teacher Training

Theta Healing – Brent Philips

NLP – John James Santangelo

Chakra Healing Bootcamp
Anna Marie Colvito – Goddess Repair Workshop
Paul Check – C.H.E.K Institute
Wayne Perry – Sound Healing
Sheila Moore – Chakras & Aura Exploration
Dr Hyla Cass – author of “Natural Highs”
Master Stephen Co – Pranic Healing
Jeannie Fitzsimmons – Sedona Method
Jeffrey Briar – Laughter Yoga
Adnan – Master Sufi Dancing
Dr. Norton Wyner – Stop Smoking
Mona Lisa Schultz – Awakening Medical Intuiiton
Art Rosengarten – Tarot Reading
Julie Ferman – Single in LA
Renee Piane – A Smart Man’s Guide
Sam Visnic – Elimnate Back Pain
Barabara Schwartz – Conquer ADD
Dr Frank Wildman – Feldenkrais Method
Micheal Seidman – Improve your hearing