Medical Director at Creative Chakra Spa

Dr. BJ Adrezin is Medical Director of the Creative Chakra Spa.  Dr. Adrezin is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor, and a specialist in European body cleansing, rejuvenation and nutritional beauty approaches.
creative chakra spa medical directorCreative Chakra Spa Medical Director
He is an award-winning formulator of many Organic nutritional/superfood products that are sold on TV.  As a “Spa Doctor,” Dr. Adrezin is an expert in utilizing spa therapies for inner and outer transformation, and has been certified in Esalen Massage (Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA) for more than 20 years.  Dr Adrezin is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (Portland, OR), the oldest accredited naturopathic medical school in North America.  He also completed a post-graduate residency in Family Medicine, with a specialty in Cardiology and Endocrinology.  Dr. Adrezin combines the best of conventional diagnosis/lab testing with cutting-edge energy medicine and metabolic balancing.  He has many years of experience treating patients to release their true, vibrant selves.
Dr Adrezin is the creator of BreathTouch™, a system of nurturing touch and release of deeply held mind/body stress.  Gentle, yet powerful, BreathTouch™ helps the recipient feel safe and free to release long-held mental, emotional, and physical patterns that inhibit enjoyment of life.  Dr Adrezin will be offering BreathTouch™ sessions at Veda Mela.