Womens’ Wellness. Spa Medical Style Remedies

From pregancy massage to wellness medical style issues, our holistic practitioner will be administered these modalities in a private area of Encino Hills. These holistic spa therapies are designed to honor the unique needs and experiences of women, offering transformative experiences that nurture the body, mind, and spirit.

See our page for Massage and Day Spa Retreats. Empower Your Essence Private Women’s Wellness Retreat.

Divine Feminine Renewal Massage: Experience the essence of feminine rejuvenation with our signature Divine Feminine Renewal Massage. Meticulously crafted to honor the sacred energy of womanhood, this specialized massage blends intuitive touch, aromatherapy, and healing crystals to harmonize your body’s natural rhythms, promoting deep relaxation and hormonal balance.

Goddess Glow Facial Ritual: Elevate your skincare routine with our exclusive Goddess Glow Facial Ritual. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey inspired by ancient goddess traditions, as our skilled estheticians harness the power of organic botanicals, crystal-infused elixirs, and facial massage techniques to nourish your skin, awaken your inner radiance, and restore your natural glow.

Womb Wisdom Therapy: Delve into the wisdom of your womb with our transformative Womb Wisdom Therapy. Rooted in ancient healing practices and modern holistic techniques, this sacred journey invites you to honor your feminine essence, release energetic blockages, and reclaim your vitality through gentle massage, energy clearing, and guided visualization.

Lunar Goddess Yoga Retreat: Embark on a soulful journey through the phases of the moon with our Lunar Goddess Yoga Retreat. Nestled in the serene beauty of nature, this immersive experience offers daily yoga sessions, meditation practices, and moonlit ceremonies designed to deepen your connection to the lunar cycles, awaken your intuition, and empower your feminine spirit.Sisterhood Sanctuary Sound Bath: Find solace and sisterhood in our intimate Sisterhood Sanctuary Sound Bath. Gather in a sacred circle of women as our sound healer guides you through a harmonic journey of crystal singing bowls, chimes, and vocal toning, creating a space of deep relaxation, healing, and connection. It’s a nurturing sanctuary where women come together to honor their journeys, share wisdom, and support each other’s growth.

Step into a realm designed exclusively for women, where health, wellness, and beauty converge to empower your essence. Here’s why we passionately focus on women’s holistic well-being:

  1. Women-Centric Care: Recognizing the unique needs of women, we’ve curated a sanctuary dedicated to addressing the multifaceted aspects of feminine health and wellness. From hormonal balance to self-care rituals, our treatments are tailored to honor the intricacies of womanhood.
  2. Nurture Your Natural Beauty: Embrace your innate beauty as we celebrate the diversity of femininity. Our treatments are crafted to enhance your natural radiance, offering bespoke solutions that cater to your individual skin type, concerns, and aspirations.
  3. Supportive Environment: Experience the power of sisterhood in our supportive and nurturing environment. Here, women come together to uplift and inspire one another, fostering a sense of community and connection that transcends boundaries.
  4. Empowering Self-Care: We believe that self-care is a transformative act of self-love and empowerment. By prioritizing your well-being, you not only enhance your own quality of life but also become a beacon of strength and inspiration for those around you.
  5. Holistic Wellness: Journey towards holistic wellness as we guide you through a realm of mind-body-soul alignment. From revitalizing spa rituals to transformative wellness workshops, our offerings are designed to nourish every aspect of your being.

Our Exclusive Women’s Wellness Retreat, invites you to reclaim your power, embrace your authenticity, and unleash your inner goddess. Because when women thrive, the world flourishes.

Our aim for the last 25 years has been to create a complimentary practice for you and we are integrative medicine to your physician. We are not practicing medicine and we are not physicians, we recommend a physician to ‘oversee’ you. We do not cure but create optimal wellness routines and preventative care and sometimes that is all that you need in a very caring and zen environment, allowing the body and mind to access your own power to heal yourself.

Below you will a alphabetical list of what we offer sometimes including metaphysical quotes from Louise Hay to inspire your journey. In some instances we are able to accept insurance and can provide you with our NPI number. Creative Chakra Spa has proudly been serving our clients providing holistic wellness, with our spa, fitness techniques and wellness product line for 24 years.

Alphabetic List for Medical Massage, our integrated methods are from traditional medicine from around the world and not just massage. These therapies are geared more towards womens’ health and individual sessions and are private sessions with the owner of Creative Chakra Spa + Yoga. Sessions can include garden infrared sauna to boost immunity in the body. The Sauna is ideally located in the orchard area of the garden and looks like a tree house, made of superior cedar wood with a 180 degree view for bird watching.:









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Celiac Disease

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Hair Health & Conditioning scalp treatment

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