November Specials

Creative Chakra Spa nature walk

Creative Chakra Spa has teamed up with a non profit to offer medical massages and where you can bill per your insurance, specializing in Fibromyalgia and Chronic pain. We will chart your weekly progress. More details to follow.

Deep Tissue, Energy Work and Sound Healing

The original intention of healing at Creative Chakra Spa, book your appointment today…while appointments are available.
– Improve posture, sports performance, decrease stress, reduce joint and muscle pain, as well as range of motion and flexibility. Custom aromatherapy to energize, relax or concentrate.

10 % of the proceeds will go to help fire victims in need.

Ayurveda Body Scrub & Infrared (detox) Sauna Session in our garden area $65

  • Purify and relax, great to keep skin balanced with the change of seasons while the infrared sauna will help you detox and sleep better as well as enable the body to release addictions such as alcohol or nicotine. or call us at 310-823-9378


Join Creative Chakra Spa Loyalty Plan Membership

Spa Membership $70 a month save up to $385

Make it a healthy habit, training for your muscles, mind and spirit in relaxation. Visit our spa retreat with your loved one or BFF or just for your own self care. or call us at 310-823-9378
->Spa Membership

$420 for 6 months (includes spa facilities – Infrared Sauna, Jacuzzi Bath

Buy One, Get One: a free express Massage for your friend on your first sessionBook an AppointmentInstant Gift Certificate


Our Signature Products make thoughtful and healthy gifts for the holidays or Corporate Gifting.

Perfect for everyone: Miracle Spray, Facial Serum, Peppermint Mouthwash, Honey Moroccan Rose Facial Mask, Lavender Bath Sea Salts, Tea Tree Foot Soaks, and paired with a delicious elixir or tea blend.

We have 3 original lines established since 1998:

Chakra Aromatherapy Signature Line
->Original Chakra Signature Line
->Ayurveda Signature Original Line

->Teas & Elixirs
->Our products have no preservatives, fragrances or perfume, no Amines, no Siloxanes, no Petrolatum, no PEG compounds, no Phthalates, no Formaldehyde, no Colors or Dyes, no Sulfates, no Talc, no BHA/BHT.


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_ Stay tuned for updates on our branded Chakra Festival, where chakra lifestyle is celebrated including music and all things chakra, chakra dance, chakra jewellery, chakra potions and lotions, chakra healing, chakra reading and so much more.

Love, Sandie & all of us at the Creative Chakra Spa

Our mission statement: Creative Chakra Spa is dedicated to Holistic Health & Fitness while empowering your Mind, Body, & Spirit

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