Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Creative Chakra Massages different?

We specialize in luxurious yet healing therapeutic massages. For instance, when we do deep tissue massage we have ways of penetrating deep within the muscle groups without causing pain or minimizing your pampering and relaxing experience.

Why choose a Holistic Spa?

We offer multi-modal services for relaxation and detox. Hot saunas help flush out toxins from the skin by sweating. Detox body wraps with special mud or herbal body wraps are not only a great way to cleanse the body, but will also help to calm the mind and reduce stress. We value, nurture and support the WHOLE person, Body, Mind and Spirit.

What do people say about Creative Chakra?

Los Angeles residents should visit the famous Hollywood celebrity hotspot, “Creative Chakra Spa,” which is a great place to relax, cleanse, detox and heal. They also offer holistic and Chinese treatment therapies (see Resources below).

Who are Creative Chakra clients?

From locals to people flying in/out of LAX ~ all find us a real lift on their trip itinerary.  Our biggest fans are people who “get” that we value, nurture and support the WHOLE person, body, mind and Spirit.  Creative Chakra is known as a celebrity hideaway spa without being high-priced.  We have an amazing organic ambience, 5 Star customer service and the best therapists in town. You can step outside our door and see the whole city from the mountaintop.  Bring your swim suit for a dip in pool!

Why are Creative Chakra Couple’s Massage’s so popular?

We must be doing something right!  Sessions are tailored to individuals and individual needs.  People like that.  People also like the prices.  Couples come almost every day to enjoy one of our FIVE Couples Spa Experiences, a luxurious two hour experience to share with your special someone. Couples packages come complete with a spacious spa suite for two with private ozone hydro-therapy, enjoy chakra elixirs, organic food, candles, and a grand finale of watching sailboats go by on our ocean view terrace or cuddling on the garden lanai next to the fire.

Why are we different from other Spas?

You notice right away this is no chain-store spa, no cookie cutter spa. We are a retreat, nestled on a quiet walk streets and in the mountaintops of the Santa Monica Mountains. Birds sing and mountain breezes blow through palm trees. Upon entering the reception smells of aromatherapy tantalize and delight.

What is Ayurveda?

This ancient system of health care originated in India around 5,000 years ago, and it is the oldest continually practiced medicine on the planet. It teaches us how to live in balance by following a path that flows with nature rather than against it. Ayurvedic practices restore the balance and harmony of the individual, resulting in self-healing, good health and longevity.

Why is Ayurveda useful:
Ayurvedic medicine is recognized by the World Health Organization. Ayurveda has brought true health and wellness to millions of individuals throughout the ages with simple changes in daily living practices. Incorporating just a few of these proven methods into your lifestyle can bring about radical changes in your life.

Goals of Ayurveda:

To maintain the health of a healthy person
To heal the sick: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

About Chakra Massages ~
Very popular. The concept of chakra’s may seem a little too esoteric some but knowledge of chakra’s can actually be very practical. A client at Creative Chakra will be asked about certain areas they want to strengthen in their lives i.e. financial security, love, inner wisdom etc. For instance, a busy CPA after tax season will want to work on the root chakra and may feel they want to remember romance in their life, and need to find the time and motivation to fulfill their dreams. We at Creative Chakra will recommend the root chakra, the heart chakra and the third chakra, during the Chakra Massage. The Therapist customizes the massage with these concepts in mind. Also, Creative Chakra has specially blended aromatherapy oils for these charkas that can also be purchased to take home. This massage brings fourth all the creativity and skills of the therapists so they are fully engaged in the treatment.

What are the advantages of doing a Semi-Private Yoga Class ~
This is like having an affordable, private Yoga class, as you get a lot of hands on attention, adjustments and instruction. In typical yoga classes in LA you can’t always see the teacher and you begin copying the person in front of you. You might not even hear the instructor sometimes, let alone get any hands on adjustments and instruction. Our yoga studio is inviting and beautiful. Gorgeous artwork adorns the walls, with ocean breezes wafting through. There is no white noise since we’re so close to the beach. You really seem to get in touch with the spirit within you. Classes are generally between 3-9 people. In some instances at the owner’s discretion you may use the Infrared sauna, at no extra cost.

About our products ~
Creative Chakra Aromatherapy Originals are created using only natural food grade sugars, salts & nutrients from the earth that have strengthening, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antiseptic properties that also preserve these simple, exquisite spa treats with bouquets of organic aromatherapy blends. We use our own products in all treatments apart from facials where we use Epicuren.

What to expect upon arrival at Creative Chakra Spa ~
As you walk along the terrace towards the ocean you will see bright red umbrellas ~ that is our tea room and reception. There are several ways to enter Creative Chakra, as we have several offices. If the door is closed over, don’t worry we are here! We are probably preparing your suite or taking care of our clients in the garden. So take a seat on the swing or ring the bell (by the Buddha statue) or call us from your cell phone. We will be there in minutes to greet you.

What to do after your treatment ~
We build relaxation time into all treatments so if you’d like to take a sauna, private hydrotherapy or steam please let us know. We encourage you to relax on the Lanai and enjoy our library of books, meditate in the garden or just sip on your complimentary herbal tea.

Why it that Creative Chakra does lots of educational, inspirational seminars ~
Education is a major element of healing, sharing knowledge, changing your belief system to open your innate wisdom in your body and mind. If you are looking for a space to hold an event we would love to hear from you.

Is it true that Creative Chakra has the closest proximity to the ocean than any independent spa ~
Yes! This is true of the California coastline, hotels however are directly on the beach and that is beautiful. There are a lot of things happening in hotels, much activity and energy. Here, it is only you and the ocean and the therapist, a very quiet retreat for the mind and soul.

Can you stay overnight ~
Yes, you can. We have a partnership with various locations by the spa, a vacation rental where you can incorporate a mountain and/or beach retreat with private accommodations and also therapeutic spa treatments. Situated high above the trees, nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains along some of the most secluded canyons and hikes in Los Angeles.

Spa-chalorettes ~
We coined the term, we have the perfect space for spa parties including limousine, catering, fun sexy dance class or a gentle yoga class. Plus we love having the spa full of excited joyful women!

What are Chakras ~
The Chakras are a window to the Soul, an antennae that transmit your inner feelings of love, truth, courage, instinct, intuition & consciousness.


Creative Chakra serves film and television locations ~
On Set Film & Television Mobile Massage Services. For more information click here
(Preferred provider of massage for 9 years to Los Angeles A-List clientele.)

  • Great location to shoot your next commercial or film
    * Paparazzi free
    * Parking Spaces for production vehicles and trailers
    * Can provide film permit for beach filming
    * Organic Gourmet Catering,
    * Spa services on location and at our exclusive oceanside spa

We also do outcalls  ~
We have a membership program where your outcall to clients homes. This is a very popular option for some of our celebrity clients, or CEOs. We create the atmosphere of the spa with music, candles etc.

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