Listen to Episode 2

  • Mantra for the week;
  • “Look to the Silver Lining and the Golden Opportunities will unfold”
  • What are Chakra Massages
  • Myth Buster: Yoga as a Medicine or Exercise?
  • Recipe of the week;

Listen to Episode 2

  • Mantra for the week;
  • “Look to the Silver Lining and the Golden Opportunities will unfold”
  • What are Chakra Massages
  • Myth Buster: Yoga as a Medicine or Exercise?
  • Recipe of the week
  • Listen to Episode 7 
  • Explore your own healing path at Creative Chakra Spa. How to detox your life through lymphatic massage, your diet, give up caffeine, alcohol, etc
  • Myth Buster: Can we truly master our own thoughts if we only use 10% of our brain?
  • Introducing Mark Waller who’s course “Mastering Thought” will be held Saturday September 19th at Creative Chakra Spa where he will expand on this. Stop the Mental Struggle. Fully Enter the Present Moment.
  • Listen to Episode 8
  • Pregnancy Holistic Health and Fitness Plans at Creative Chakra Spa
    Massage, Pilates, Yoga for pregnancy benefits.
  • Myth Buster Pilates and Yoga do the same thing for the body!
  • Recipe of the week
  • Listen to Episode 9
  • Traditional Indian Mantra for the week; “Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya “
  • Ayurvedic medicine at Creative Chakra Spa
  • Myth Buster: To meditate you have sit still!
    Recipe: Traditional Ayurvedic Drink Lassi
  • Listen to Episode 10

    Mantra for the week: “Nurture your voice, cherish your gifts”

  • VIP Revival Spa Memberships at Creative Chakra Spa, your own health plan!
    Part 1: Health & Fitness benefits of Infrared Saunas
  • Myth Buster: Creativity is instinctive (talent) and cannot be taught?
    Recipe of the week
    : Spa-Tinis and Spa Water
  • Listen to Episode 11
  • Mantra of the week: To inspire ourselves and others creates a deeper lasting connection to the Universe
  • The benefits of Ocean Air and Thallosotherapy at Creative Chakra Spa
  • Myth Buster: Salt is bad for you.
  • Recipe of the week: Vegetable Sushi rolls
  • Listen to Episode 12 
  • Mantra of the week: If you look after your face, the body will follow and take care of yourself
  • Balneotherapy, creative chakra spa has a wonderful ozone hydrotherapy spa, cleaned with ultra violet light, ozone and maintained daily PH levels. Also, the History of Spas.
  • Myth Buster:
  • Recipe of the week: *a beauty treatment, Salt Scrub recipe
  • Listen to Episode 13 This week:Guest speakers
  • Mastering Thought with Mark Waller Ph.D.; Sat Sept 19th 1-4pm $25
  • Spiritually Speaking Salon with Stacey Marsh; Sun Sept 20th 1-4pm $50
  • Healthy Homes & Bodies with Bruce Dickson, Sandie West & Shelly Kramer
  • Stop Self-Numbing & Start Self-Nurturing For Better Balance, Health & Joy!with Patricia Alexander 
  • Listen to Episode 14 
  • Mantra of the week: Love and Let it be!
  • Back by popular request: more info on Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga!
  • Myth Buster: All yoga is physically demanding on your body!
  • Recipe of the week: Ayurvedic Recipe – Kitcheree
  • Listen to Episode 15 
  • Mantra of the week: When you find you are content, be grounded and grateful
    (for true lasting happiness)
  • Myth Buster: When we think of petroleum, we usually think of putting gas in the car or OPEC?
  • Also, Patricia Alexander, author of “Book of Comforts” discusses here event “Stop Self-numbing start self-nurturing” at Creative Chakra SPa
  • Recipe of the week:
  • Listen to Episode 16
  • Mantra for the week
    Aim for your chosen dream and then aim higher!
    Feldenkrais Method focuses on the relationship between movement and thought, increased mental awareness and creativity and physical awareness
  • Myth buster
    No animals are harmed in the production of cheese right? All about rennet supporting the veal industry
    Recipe of the week Nutritious Gourmet sandwichesantra of the week:


  • INTRO SHOW Dr Jewell hosts the show “Health is Wealth ” with celebrity guest, Sandie West, who is the Founder and CEO of the famous Creative Chakra Spa located in the beautiful sunny area of Marina del Rey, California. Sandie started the spa with the vision and passion for bringing a new age holistic spa for health and fitness and enlightening the body, mind and spirit. Sandie West is the Spa Director of Creative Chakra and is a herself an Expert in Holistic Medicine. She is a certified Massage Therapist with an elite client list sought after by celebrities and movie studios. Sandie is also a certified Pilates & Yoga Instructor. Credentials: CMT,RYT,NCCPT, NMT
    & Pilates, American Aerobic Association International (AAAI), International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA), SAG & Voting Member of the Academy of Film & TV Arts (BAFTA)