Sleep Hygiene: Sleep Strategies to fall asleep quickly, wake up energized & improve your health and mood & get more time out of your daily routine & health.

  • Book a Lifestyle Session ~ Sleep improvement sessions $55, guaranteed or your money back
  • Sleep changes implementation to improve every aspect of your life
  • Increase natural growth hormone and repair muscles
  • Follow the natural circadian cycle to get more productivity daily
  • Heals pain and helps weight control with hormone called leptin
  • Increase sports performance
  • Stop racing thoughts and fall asleep quickly
  • Easily fall back to sleep if you wake up at night
  • Understand the psychology and physiology of sleep
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  • CDC considers insufficient sleep a public health crisis causing anxiety, depression and chronic illness such as diabetes or obesity.

Spa Parties will resume when the state lets us know it is safe. Thanks in advance.

Creative Chakra Spa 

Create special memories

Spa Party Celebrations!

We Cater:

Bridal showers

Birthday parties


Bar Mitzvahs


Call for quote, we try to save your money by not having a corporate rate structure. Let us know what your budget is so we can make it work for you.

Facial:woman PM

Are you looking for a beautiful and private location to celebrate your Bachelorette bash, Bridal Shower or Birthday, Bar Mitvahs or even Wedding?

Girls! We create the ultimate ladies-only experience for you and your girlfriends. Parties include spa cuisine, relaxing atmosphere, use of hydrotherapy spa, steam room, & a variety of luxurious treatments.

Our staff provide an extensive list of personalized and holistic therapies such as Ayurvedic spa treatments, Yoga, Pilates, Nutrition, Seaweed and Mud wraps, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture and a range of Ancient Healing Therapies from around the globe. For Parties we offer a mix of 30min treatments are add-ons with any  1hr treatment.

Read reviews from satisfied clients:

Susanne S.

Creative Chakra Spa has added a ‘tea room,’ which is actually a part of the reception area that features various herbal teas freshly brewed. Or you can take your tea out to the back patio to enjoy a little peace and quiet, or my favorite is to take your cup with you and make the short walk up to the beach sand and watch the sunset — lovely.

I treated a small groups of friends to a mini spa day, and the owner included the tea as an extra for our group.  It was the perfect ending to our various foot scrubs, soak, sauna and massages.

Tami H.

Looking for a truly unique way to celebrate a bride or birthday? Check out Creative Chakra!  I am really excited to write a review because this place  is a little known gem, and I would like to reassure anyone who, like me, likes to read a range of honest reviews of a place that you can get good treatment for a great value here.  I found it by chance by following a link from the Venice Inn Hotel.

I hosted a bachelorette party for my sister here, which owner and hands-on coordinator/therapist Sandie and her crew,  uniquely call a “Spa-chelorette Party” and it was even better than I had imagined it could be!!!  There were 7 of us and we had a mix of lounging on the outdoor patio in soft robes eating lunch(we brought in our own potluck) and toasting the bride, interspersed with all of us having fabulous treatments, either facial, body scrub and pedicure or massages plus using the sauna, hydrotherapy tub and showers. We were all still feeling the relaxing and glowing effects the next day as everyone expressed in emails to thank me for planning the party for us all!
If you want to plan a party here, I highly recommend it. My suggestion is that the more people you add who want treatments, the more time you allot. We were planning on 12-4 and it ended up 12-5 (which was great for us as we didn’t want to leave after being so relaxed, and although the staff didn’t mention it, I wanted to get out of their way after they had worked so hard)  As Sandie aims to make each party so unique by even offering limo services and dance lessons, etc.,(which we didn’t use) that she doesn’t post the costs or time frames (like corporate spas do).  So I found that I needed a little more clarification and was able to get that by writing up a proposal of what I was expecting each person to pay (we were splitting 6 ways for our selves and bride) and explaining my vision of how the day would go.

FYI, parking was the typical balance of finding it on the street, nearby beach lot or calling to get into the lot and use their limited spaces. Plan accordingly.

Like I said at the beginning of this now long note, Sandie came through, charged us less than I had expected and the day was absolutely fabulous and memorable. As a full-time student now, I was still able to afford to give my sister the best gift of such a great party because I chose Creative Chakra! Thank you, Sandie and crew.

Chakana M.

Well first off I have to say I was a bit nervous about getting a massage with me having a 4 year old shoulder injury that has not healed yet but I am glad I did it. This place was amazing and Sandie is a jewel.  My aunt is the best at planning events so I knew I had nothing to worry about. I was the first to arrive and when I hit the entrance it smelled Divine. I was greeted with a big smile and welcoming. She was brewing her special blend of tea as I relaxed outside and waited for the rest of the party to arrive. Her blend of teas of amazing. She walked us back to the patio area where we were relaxed and waited for our massages. I chose to wait for my massage so I sat in the Sauna for a good 45 minutes. We were continuously served with Tea, water and variety of fruit. She was always checking in on us to make sure everything was going well. Now on to the massage. Myomi….I love you dearly. Talk about paying attention to your needs. The massage was AMAZING. As I said before I was fearful of the massage due to my previous injury  and after countless sessions of physical therapy and acupuncture I wasn’t sure anything could make my shoulder feel better. Myomi did…oh yes she did. She was very attentive to the stress I was having in my shoulder as well as my back and I have been pain free for 3 days now. Everyone in our party enjoyed their massages as well.  I will definitely be back in the near future. And I will be getting the Vitamin C filter for my shower as well. Thank you again to Sandie and her team for a lovely afternoon and a great experience.


Truly amazing!  The staff was very accommodating and made us feel truly relaxed.  Everything was perfect!


I had a wonderful experience at the Spa!  My therapist was very attentive, competent, and kind, and all the staff was very welcoming, and made us feel very comfortable.


This was absolutely amazing.  I loved all the different tea offered.  The yoga was absolutely amazing – getting to look over the ocean and connect to the most high.  MY massage was perfect and Juan did a great job listening to what I need.  Overall my experience was spectacular!


I had a wonderful experience from the tea to yoga on the beach and the massage.  Everything was perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


My thoughts about the spa is that it was amazing.  Beach yoga was a lifetime experience.  My massage was phenomenal.  I love how my massage therapist massaged my head multiple times and focused on areas that were very tense on my back.  I am truly relaxed and feel brand new!  The tea was delicious too.  The staff is all very friendly and welcoming!


This was my first time having a full body massage – it was amazing.  It was very relaxing and I enjoyed the entire experience.  And yoga on the beach only topped it all off!



Ayurveda & Scrubs & Wraps 

All of our products are natural and plant based. We use only the high-end leading brand of Epicuren & our own signature line Creative Chakra Aromatherapy (est.1998).

We are steps from the beach and a surprising 5,500-square-foot. The ambiance is light, airy, and intimate with ocean breezes and ocean views. The amenities include two yoga/fitness studios, indoor and outdoor en-suite couples massage rooms, indoor and outdoor meditation & lounging areas, Hydrotherapy/Infrared Sauna or Soaking Baths and a jasmine-lined terrace sun patio with Library and Tea-Bar.

~ You can hire the whole spa for your event or a room, the choice is yours ~

In addition: you often get more for your money i.e. We will allow you the space longer if it is available, at no extra charge. We are here to create wonderful, stress-free memories and experiences.

When booking please inform us : How many people and how long you would like to have your spa party last that way we can give you extra private spa time for no extra cost on the private areas that is being used by your spa party.  Whenever possible please let us know your preferred spa therapies 48  hours before so we can ensure your therapists are available since aestiticians and massage therapists have different skill sets etc. There is a corking fee, we don’t want to stop you celebrating but we have to ensure safety by limiting alcohol on the premises.  Your spa therapies can be massages, mini facials, salt scrubs or indian head massage to name a few customized at no extra cost for larger spa parties.

Spa Party & gratuity

Men! We know you love Spa. The last few years have witnessed a surge of men frequenting Spas. It used to be that you couldn’t get your man to so much as touch moisturizer. This surge has influenced the types of Spa Therapies on offer, tailoring to the many different types of men just as they do women. We offer Mens facials, Indian head Massage, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology. For those seeking something more adventurous try one of our Ayurvedic Treatments. Call and we can advise you on a package to suit your needs.

All of our Parties offer exclusive use of the facilities and en-suite rooms.

We are steps from the beach, so a walk along the golden coast is imperative for all clients looking to lift the mind and the spirit.

Our favorite local picks – these Restaurants are a 1 minute walk from Creative Chakra Spa at Washington Square

The Terrace Café – casual, on the ocean

The Whaler – on the ocean, spectacular sunsets

Mercedes Grille – Al fresco dining & drinks with a latin flair

Bin 73 – Wine Bar

C & O Trattoria – amazing garlic rolls & large portions of delicious italian food

Kifune – sushi, really great atmosphere at night

Cows End – sandwiches, wraps and juices

Casa Ado – Refined Italian cuisine is the hallmark of this warm, low-lit yet high-energy eatery with full bar

Hinano – Funky breakfast, burger & sandwich shack at the beach since 1969 with beer, games & live music