Individual Reiki + Massage Spa Retreat

Limited to a few clients daily so it stays uncrowded in between staggered appointment times. Our holistic practitioner Sandie West has a few openings for private clients, focusing on womens’ health & beauty.

Spa Days are a precious treat that we rarely grant ourselves. Indulge a little, relax, & plan a day all about you? We will tailor a spa package just for you.

Creative Chakra assures each client complete privacy when you book any treatment with us.

Our packages do include a private ensuite room, and/or private use of either the Infrared Sauna or Hydrotherapy or Steam.

We strive to make your Spa Experience a tranquil time for the mind and body.

Request~after your treatment a complimentary sugar scrub infused with aromatherapy oils (please let us know you would like this with your shower).

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Spa Day Packages

(Choose any of our Couples Spa Packages if coming with a friend or Couples can choose these packages too)

Yoga and Massage Day Retreat 2hrs  
This experience enables you to combine yoga and massage. After being shown to your private room, you will begin a private yoga session tailored to your needs. Afterwards you’ll change in your candle light, en-suite room for the massage. Includes private use of our Infrared sauna or enquire about our Soaking Baths. If you would like lunch served in the Garden please place the request with our reception.

Turkish Hamman Inspired Spa Experience 2hrs 
This treatment begins with a long soak in a Lemon and Eucalyptus Hydrotherapy Bath with oxygen therapy jets, enjoy an invigorating lemongrass and basil salt scrub that detoxes the body, followed by a luxurious Hot Oil Aromatherapy Massage, and a peppermint Peppermint mini pedcureFinish with a Lavender Tea and Acai Blueberry Chocolates. If you would like lunch served in the Garden please place the request with our reception.

Sun Goddess Glow Day Retreat 2hrs 
After settling in your candle light  en-suite room you will be dry brushed to stimulate the lymphatic gland, ridding your body of unwanted toxins – Dry Brushing is particularly good for cellulite – your body will then be massaged with Fresh Aloe Vera, and an Aloe Vera Mask is applied to the face and neck. This is followed by the Tahitian Tamanu Massage- a delicious blend of Coconut Milk and Aromatherapy essential oils. This package is deeply hydrating and great for all skin types, especially dry skin conditions or those exposed to a lot of sun. Includes private use of our Hydrotherapy Bath (add $20 for bath)  Infrared Sauna is included. If you would like lunch (add $25) served in the Garden please place the request with our reception.

Oceanside Healing Retreat 2hrs  
Choose any of our 1 Hour Massages of your choice with use of Infrared Sauna or Steam.  Includes a spacious spa en-suite room, and a tasty organic meal, served in our Garden area. We are steps from the beach so leave yourself extra time to enjoy the golden coast. All facilities are co-ed and privately booked just for you!

Revival Spa Retreat 2hrs 
This begins with a Pacific Shine Swedish Massage followed by our Ocean Air Facial. Afterwards relax further with private use of the Infrared Sauna. Includes a spacious spa en-suite room. If you would like lunch (add $25) served in the Garden please place the request with our reception. We are steps from the beach so leave yourself extra time to enjoy the golden coast.

Soul Recharger 2hrs  
This experience begins with a Chakra Stone Massage, your body is then wrapped in a Botanical Mud Wrap. Includes private use of our Infra-red Sauna. If you would like lunch ($25) served in the Garden please place the request with our reception.

ADD-ON treatments – 30 mins – Indian Head, Thai Herb Soak, Rose Water Shiatsu Facial, Ayurveda Salt Glow, Cellulite Therapy, Back Facial .

Would you like to hold an Event here? Creative Chakra is used frequently for Spa Parties,Pre-Wedding Parties, Tea Parties and as a Location for shows such as Millionaire Match Maker and Americas Next Top Model to name a few. We also provide On-Set Services for those in the film industry, indeed this is how Creative Chakra began over 2 decades ago at this location.

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Reiki and your Aura

We all deserve to have that special spa treat, enjoy: Reiki 1hr or 80 mins

Reiki is energy and means spiritual energy or universal life-force energy. Used in healing, it acts holistically, affecting all of the energies of the human body. Every person has a unique vibrational energy signature, or frequency, just as we all have unique fingerprints or DNA.  Their is scientific proof that high energy centers of the body can be recorded which is known as chakras.

Our auras as sensing devices,  your aura picks up complementary or disturbing energies within the other person’s aura which is made up of finer and lighter vibrations, and it can pass through the denser energy of physical matter, so it is already in the room picking up the vibrations of other people’s auric fields.

To detect the aura, it can be done with dowsing rods or a pendulum, and it can also be sensed with the hands. Dowsing can find sources of water,  minerals, metals, and oil, prehistoric earthworks, magnetic north, or even lost personal items!

The aura is the energy equivalent of your whole physical body, the chakras correspond to your brain and major organs, and the meridians and nadis are similar to your veins and arteries, but instead of blood, they carry energy—Ki—all over the body. It is a field of energy or light that surrounds the physical body above, below, and on all sides and is made up of seven layers, with the inner layers closest to the physical body comprised of the densest energy.

Your aura is not always the same size,  as it can expand or contract depending upon how healthy you are, how you are feeling emotionally or psychologically at any given moment, or how comfortable you feel with the people in your immediate surroundings.

The aura is large and varies from person to person and changes from daily but the outer layer of the aura can be 6ft or 26ft or even further away from the person’s physical body.  As our auras are intermingling, mindful or not. we are picking up signals from other people’s auras all the time.

This aura is spiritual energy, life-force, from birth and as the foetus develops until around the time of our death. (Usually just before death only a narrow band of spiritual energy remains, linking all the chakras in the centre of the body, and shortly after physical death, no aura can be detected, because the life-force no longer exists.)

The outer edges and individual layers of the aura can be detected with dowsing rods or a pendulum. They can be sensed with hands and the densest layers of the body, can be seen with the naked eye by most people with practice. Some psychic people can see the whole energy body quite clearly.


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