Venice Beach Surf ‘n Spa

10954597_10101307915952936_2828074859838203383_nSummer is here! And love is in the air. Grab your partner and enjoy the freedom of the ocean surf. We guarantee you will stand up. Ocean photographer on site. Includes board and wet suit.Women:Sunset

No matter the temperature of the ocean water Creative Chakra Spa has vitamin C showers, garden infrared sauna or a jacuzzi to warm you up post surf. You are revitalized from bonding with the ocean and using new muscles. Then you enter your spa suite to further soothe the body. But wait! There still may be time to catch one of the most beautiful and romantic sunsets of the country; communing once again with nature, the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.

Choose from our celebrity surf instructor or one of our other seasoned veterans of surf.


Prices range from $95-$190 per session. Approximately hour and half per person. The surf at Creative Chakra is great for beginners with a rating of 99% A + from the Surf Rider Foundation.

Includes hot showers, towels, relaxation area and far infrared sauna.

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