Weight Management

Lose weight the healthy way with detox and physical fitness plan for health and well being.  This begins August 10th-20th, do this program with us daily sharing food or picking up your meals or working out, whatever you choose or do it remotely from another state, we are here to help make your quality of life better.

Text 310-721-2389 with the note 10 day detox and we will be respond immediately. http://www.koyawebb.com for more details of her plans.

Join our 10 day detox challenge monthly, gain access to knowledge that will change your life.

10 Days of Accountability, Inspiration, Workouts, Healthy Recipes, and More!This challenge is taking 10 Days to cleanse your body and take your mental, spiritual and physical health to the next level.

We join together as a community to support each other in this journey of health and share our challenges and triumphs.

You will notice more energy, a fitter body and feel less stressed!

We will be posting daily quotes, videos, and tips to my instagram, facebook and twitter accounts for your daily accountability and motivation.

Yoga & Massage Day Retreat $169 per person: Enjoy yoga on the beach or the studio which puts you into that sacred space for your massage creating optimum health and healing

Or Surf ‘n’ Spa Day Retreat $169 per person, come as a couple more fun!  Great surf instructor and then back to the spa for a vitamin c shower and an  infrared sauna, steam or jacuzzi privately followed by massage


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