Yoga for repetitive injuries and prevention

In this class we will focus on mindful movements with our breath.  With Yin we will hold poses a for 1 to 2 minutes releasing any tension built up within the body and let the mind find relaxation. You will lengthen the muscles creating more space in the body. Restorative is allowing gravity to do the work for you as you sink into your pose massaging the internal organs.  With Vinyasa this will allow energy to move and teach you how to pair your breath and focus with each movement. Everything together creates an all around stretch to the mind, body and soul.

Hula Hoop Yoga

This class will teach you beginner to advanced hoop tricks. We will first learn how to move the hoop up and down the body, find momentum with the hoop and find your flow. With hoop dance you will gain core strength and full body awareness all while getting a killer workout. As you move forward with your practice you will be taught how to add yoga poses in with you hula hoop. Example handstand and hooping or headstand and hooping. This class is meant for everyBody and age. No fitness level required. Hoop dance will bring awareness to the body and dynamic movement, focus, breath and balance.


Acro Yoga

This practice is with a partner. Acro yoga is meant to bring people together and find trust and communication. You can bring your own partner or just show up and gain one. You will learn how to find alignment and stack your bones while flying someone on your feet or becoming the flyer. We start with very basic acro and advance from there. You will learn how to do shoulder stands, backbends and floor stretches. There is so much to learn and no fitness level required. There is not weight limitation and for all ages.

Soyela Shafer is a 200 hour yoga alliance certified teacher. She has over 3000 hours teaching. Soyela found yoga when she was 18. All she wanted was a workout and found more than just that. Energy started to flow within and all the troubles in her world started to melt away. She found love for herself and is spreading her passions around to each and every person she meets. Soyela is a team rider for PAu Hana Surf Supply. She teaches SUP Yoga and circus yoga classes on their Lotus yoga boards. Soyela also hosts international surf/sup yoga retreats. Soyela is the founder of Hoopin2Fitness which utilizes hula hoops for fitness and fun. She teaches Hula Hoop Yoga, Hoop Yoga Paddle Boarding, Hoop Skateboarding, acro yoga and hooping, slackline hoop yoga and Hoop hiking.  There is no limitations to our mind body and soul. Go out and get what your worth life is hard but you can find love and happiness through all that suffering.

Soyela’s classes are a hybrid of restorative, yin and vinyasa. These classes have a strong focus on breath techniques paired with dynamic movement. Although you see vinyasa, this class will teach you the fundamentals of movement, alignment and finding balance. Soyela is very focused on stretching the body not only to prevent injury but cure any pre-existing or new injuries.