Valentines’ Couples Massage

5 Benefits to Couple’s Massage

Couples massage is an increasingly popular way to help couples relax, bond, and enjoy time with each other. As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, consider couples massage as a nontraditional gift to your partner that has both momentary and lasting benefits to your romantic relationship. Just a massage of 30 minutes or more can have several benefits to you and your partner that both of you will cherish.

Increase Affection

The love and care invoked by seeing your partner’s relaxed face during a couple’s massage provides an enhanced feeling of affection. Through the power of touch, massage stimulates social hormone production, including the release of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine in the body, which helps a couple feel more connected, affectionate, and intimate both during the massage and after. Just like when kissing or cuddling, massage stimulates the same type of great chemistry, particularly through the release of the oxytocin chemical. In turn, massage increases the bond between a couple, more so than couples who do not get massages together.


As couples can feel distant due to the demands of work and daily life, it pays to take time out of your busy schedule and reconnect. Invest in massage as a means to rekindle the feeling of living in the moment and appreciating the moment. Getting a massage together for the first time can spark memories of your first date and even your first kiss. A couple’s massage can be your next adventure together, where you draw together to be stronger together to calm any nerves you have about trying something new. The same chemicals that spurn affection also help you feel connected and happy for time beyond the massage.

Enjoy the Present

It’s so easy to be caught up in the past or worried about the future, and it is easy to get stuck in the past as relates to a long-term relationship. However, it is the ‘now’ that is paramount. Massages help you appreciate the moment and want to live in the now. Being fully present helps you engage in the moment with your partner, where that mindful awareness can extend beyond that massage into the daily relationship. So don’t get swept away from outside demands, where treating yourself and your partner to a couple’s massage helps you simply live in the now with your partner, where you and your partner can simply appreciate each other for being together.

Spend Time Together

Rejuvenate your relationship by doing more than eating a meal together or just watching the same television show. Quality time together means no distractions like texting or other mobile alerts, where good old fashioned face-to-face time is everything. Time is the most valuable and precious gift you can share, and a couples massage is devoting your full self to your partner and building your relationship. Take the time to reconnect outside of you and your partner’s busy schedules,

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Massage releases hormones to the body that relieve stress and tension both temporarily and long term. Naturally, relieving a build up of stress in each partner promotes the quality of the relationship. Massage leads to calmness and hence sets the tone for romance. This ‘escape from reality’ helps you remember what is most important, namely your relationship with your partner, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety. A reduction in stress and anxiety can also promote better sleep for both partners, where massage and a good mattress can do wonders for a relationship. Once your massage is over, you’ll be racing to get home and get back under the sheets (wink, wink).

Sign up for a couple’s massage today and reap the relationship benefits! Creative Chakra Spa offers a variety of excellent couples massage packages. Pick the one that sounds especially right for you and your special Valentine! Book Online or call or text 31-721-2389. We are the bucket list for couples massage.

The Perfect Date at Creative Chakra Spa

Couples Massage

Sand, sunshine, and sea breezes – the perfect date.  Indulge in a romantic escape, create intimate memories and reconnect with your partner away from the constant distractions. Create a lasting memory and any treatment or combination of treatments can be bundled together for side-by-side romantic couples or a fun spa together experience!  Have the whole spa to yourself, or share with friends, family, or loved one.

Couples Massage at sunset

Stroll along the shoreline at Venice Beach

Over the holidays, come and enjoy some down time with a loved one or best friend. at Creative Chakra Spa we have it all set up perfectly for your enjoyment including a yoga studio.  Or try a Romantic Spa Package, relaxing, sitting around the fire with a glass of champagne, strawberries, chocolate, music wafting through the ocean breezes…all just steps from the sand.  While this might not sound out of the ordinary for a date, what is extraordinary is your private exclusive use of our secluded garden area, jacuzzi bath, infrared sauna all at your disposal (depending on your package) and meditation spaces.  Unlike other spas, we keep the price of the massage the same for everything so you can luxuriate in a therapeutic massage customized for your body.  We don’t charge extra for aromatherapy or hot stones, etc.  and because the demand is so high, we do  not do discounts on bargain sites for the very reason that we are reserving the space for you exclusively, as if you were reserving a party room or a hotel.  While people come back to us years after years for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, parties, and a we are a sold out event for Valentines, we are always here for you.  We have competitive membership packages that beats out other massage chains, as we are able to offer garden, jacuzzi bath, or sauna for your visit.

So if you love us you’ll sign up for the 6 month membership to utilize how you wish. many of our couples come back to take advantage of this.  It is the best way to spend downtime together, des-tressing, getting ready to take on the world and reconnect with your partner. Any treatments or combination of treatments can be bundled together for side-by-side romantic couples or fun spa together experiences!


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Couples Massage Creative Chakra Spa


Creative Chakra Spa Offering Couples Massages For Valentine’s Day

Special Gifts Available For Participants to Enjoy

Marina Del Rey, CA – December 15, 2017: A couples massage is a relaxing activity to get into in that a great couple can enjoy a romantic and relaxing time at a fine spa. The Creative Chakra Spa is currently offering a special day for a couples massage just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The couples massage offers a private spa experience service. A spa retreat offers a relaxing time that all are bound to love. Valentine’s Day or any day!

The services available through these exclusive and private spa experiences include access to quality spa suites with vitamin C showers inside each of the private bathrooms. A private Jacuzzi bath for two is available as well as an infrared sauna for relaxation. A private garden area for meditation is also available.

Various massages are included through Creative Chakra. These include 60 and 80-minute massages including stone and deep tissue massages. The massages offered by professionals at the spa target many parts of the body and support lymph wellness and reflex support among other valuable points.

Valentines Day Couples MassageThe couples massage spa events are also being paired with the exciting 12 Days of Giving promotion. The first three people to call Creative Chakra at 310-823-9378 from now through December 24 will get a free gift. These gifts include special upgrades for massages, special mud wraps, infrared sauna visits and even chakra readings.

People looking to reserve their massages are encouraged to order now as some of the offers are available at 40% off. People can also buy gift cards for services right now before the prices are expected to go up in value next year.

Information on the couples massage services and gift cards for sale for such massages are available online at The spa is encouraging couples to reserve their spots now to get the best deals and to also have some relaxing times available just in time for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Also, Creative Chakra is currently promoting its free ride services to the spa for a couples retreat. The free ride hotline is available at 323-435-5000. This service is available to all those who book appointments at no additional charge to them.

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Creative Chakra Healing Retreat & Spa

Want a little getaway that will revive, relax and reconnect you? Get to Creative Chakra Healing Retreat & Spa (3401 Pacific Ave., 1st Flr, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292) in

Marina del Rey. This hidden gem was the perfect day I spent with my boyfriend when our weekend plans had to be cancelled. It’s the only commercial building located on the peninsula and it’s a full spa that has a mini sauna, multiple bath options, massages and a full back patio to relax on.

We started our day with some mimosas at home and Ubered to the spa, where we had mini massages, time in the sauna that was on the porch and a couples mud bath. What I love about this place is when you reserve your treatment, whether it’s a girls day, a day with your best friend or a day with a loved one, you get the whole place to yourself. It’s off the beaten path and it’s independently owned, so it’s a very earthy, quiet experience. Los Angeles is full of luxury spas with many people using them at any given time and I loved how this place was really your own and allows you to reconnect. Plus, the packages offered won’t leave you broke and you will truly feel like you got away.

Couples experience a Deeper Connection through a powerful Massage Spa Experience

As couples realize the importance of are sharing this experience together, Couples Massage is becoming really relevant and popular throughout the country. Friends and family are also seeing the benefits of receiving massages together. A great way to relax and rejuvenate both you and your loved one. Most couples massages are geared towards romantic partners, candles, fireplaces, fountains, champagne or sunsets may accentuate the atmosphere as well as exclusive areas just for them such as a hydro-therapy or infra-red saunas.

Couples massages can be useful in relieving the stress that can build up between two companions and can strengthen your relationship because you are are taking the time to commit to your health and you are doing this together, creating a wonderful experience and meaningful memories of your lives together.

Couples spa packagesInstead of watching TV or going to a restaurant together, couples massage can be used as a way for you and a romantic partner to connect, or even a loved one such as a Mom or a Friend, to spend quality time together and become closer in their relationships. Mother and Son, or Son and Father are also growing in popularity for those who specialize in these therapies.

Enjoying health, wellness and luxury therapeutic massages services create a deeper bond and connection with each other. In life, our relationships are pulled in so many directions with our responsibilities in life, such as work, kids, fun, working out, eating, relaxing, returning calls/emails/texts etc and enjoying nature or with your pet or even just plain chilling out! The time challenges are that these don’t automatically harmonize with each other for your partner or friends schedules! A real chill out massage retreat is most welcomed if you can find the right place that caters precisely to this and there are very few in Los Angeles that offer this type of retreat but check out Creative Chakra Spa and LPR Day Spa.

IMG_4619-TiEnjoy the energetic healing flow of experiencing this deeply healing side-by-side serenity massage together in a soothing, spa environment. Couples massage is usually an after-thought on spa design where a couple may find themselves in smaller rooms where the massage therapists are trying to avoid colliding with each other! A great massage is where a therapist is 100% focused on you and what is needed for your individual body to relax. They are picking up on cues from you energetically and are sensing how you breathe as you begin to fall into deeper relaxation releasing your stress at the same time as your partner, beautiful! Highly recommended to experience ultimate relaxation at the same time.