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Marma at the Spa

Here at Creative Chakra we offer a full range of Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda, means the science of life (Ayur = Life, Veda = Science). This ancient medical philosophy developed thousands of years ago in India. Where it is said the Gods themselves passed the knowledge to humans. Ayurveda maintains health and enables your body to fight illness through therapies, massages, herbal medicines, diet control and exercise. Yoga is an essential part of Ayurvedic practice.

Marmas are the junction points between body, mind, and emotions. Using oils specific to your mind-body constitution, or dosha, this light circular touch stimulates the vital energy points for restoration and rejuvenation, awakening your inner healing system.

Marma is a powerful tool of Ayurveda. Marma means “key point” and refers to the vulnerable spots in our bodies. The application of pressure at these points induces a flow of the vital energy known as “prana” along a complex system called “nadis”. These the pressure points within the body are usually close to the skin surface, where important nerves form junctures with muscles fibers, veins, bones and joints. There are total 108 marma points in the body in which 64 are considered as kulamarma or deadly points which can be used either to heal or to harm the body. The mind is considered as the 108th marma. The other 107 marma points are distributed among muscles, vessels, ligaments, bones and joints and are called Mamsa Marma, Sira Marma, Snayu Marma, Asthi Marma and


Sandhi Marma respectively. These marma points are centers of vitality and intelligence. They are fused with life force and and imbued with consciousness. Their healing effect on the body is far reaching because they serve as “portals” to the body’s inherent wisdom and healing energy. The injury to some of these lethal marma points can lead to instant death, so the treatment must be done only by trained Ayurveda professionals.

Marma is beneficial for many conditions, including the following:
– Muscular and joint pain
– -Frozen joints
– -Muscular strain
– Respiratory conditions
– Digestion and elimination problems
– Nervous system disorders
– Headaches and migraines
– General aging problems
– Glandular issues
– Anxiety and depression

By popular demand we are extending our Ayurvedic line!
Now you can buy all of our Creative Chakra Aromatherapy Products ~ MADE TO SUIT YOUR SPECIFIC DOSHIC TYPE ~ Shampoo, Body Scrubs, After-shaving gel, Body Lotions and Tea. All products will be made in our spa pantry, as usual 🙂
Ayurvedic texts recommend the principle of opposites for reducing the level of a dosha that has become aggravated.

Vata Oil ~ Basil, Orange, Geranium, Clove & Rose
Since the characteristics of Vata include dryness, coolness, roughness, lightness and constant motion, qualities that are opposite to these in diet and lifestyle help restore balance to Vata dosha.

Pitta Oil ~ Sandalwood, Rose, Mint, Cinnamon, Jasmine. The factors that can cause an imbalance in the Pitta Doshic constitution include a diet that contains too many hot or spicy food, fasting or skipping meals, over-exposure to the sun or to hot temperatures and emotional trauma.

Kapha Oil ~ Eucalyptus, Juniper, Camphor, Clove, Marigold. Since the characteristics of Kapha include heaviness, softness, cold, stability and unctuousness, qualities that are opposite to these i diet and lifestyle help restore balance to Kapha dosha.
Ayurveda Treatments

Shirodhara ~ Balancing by releasing & distributing chakra energies to the cellular system.

Abhayanga Warm oil Massage ~ Blissful rebalancing, loosens toxins in the skin.

Panchakarma ~ Detox. Enables body to expell harmful substances.

Marma Points ~ Promotes prana healing

Pindasweda ~ Gentle herbal rejuvenation for joints, digestion & longevity.

Ayurvedic Glow ~ Dosha analysis, dry skin brush with massage & dosha specific oil.


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