Say hiking

Say hiking and Los Angeles in the same breath and most people think might not how large the santa monica mountains are and how much wildlife and flora it entails.  We are at home in the most exclusive neighborhood of Los Angeles, Encino Hills, the home of of your favorite stars today. But the Creative Chakra approach is as far from backpacker-grunge as it gets. It is situated on a mansion of three acres of land, like a hotel refuge that is booked out exclusively for you for those seeking both adventure and creature comforts, and that can include all activities, healthy local food and spa time.

At Creative Chakra Mountaintop Sanctuary

Our exclusive spa and yoga experiences for couples are twice to three appointments only daily.

Next it's on to the Andes

Next, it's back to our mountaintop retreat for daydreaming in the California sun or garden sauna, a candle-lit eucalyptus steam room. There are also hot-stone massages with gems and Reiki, Chakra, Ayurveda with massage that gets the blood flowing.

The last stop is relaxation with food, or champagne or organic smoothies

The last stop is reconnection. The Santa Monica mountain is 3,400 metres above sea level and our spa is one of the few in the world where therapists ask if you want reiki and chakra balancing as well as a sound bouth with your massage. Your spa retreat will leave you hyper-toned from yoga, massaged to knot-free oblivion and wide- and bright-eyed having soaked up all the marvels of nature in paradise.

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