Creative Chakra Spa launches supreme quality new techniques for Holistic Aging with a Chakra Natural Lift Facial

We have launched an innovative non invasive facial, the first of its type in the industry. It has been designed following feedback from many spa professionals asking for a luxurious, non invasive advanced facial that is gentle for all skin types and ages leaving the skin glowing and healthy and soft to the touch .

The Techniques


The facial is very comforting and nourishing and can include red light therapy as well as green light which is good for under eye bags. Chakra light therapy is also available in different colors of the spectrum to enhance your inner beauty.

We begin with skin analysis which reads the face to discover health issues with the skin and detects serious issues in which case we would not diagnose but refer you to a specialist or a doctor.  However, our techniques are so gentle that we would still be able to treat your skin for regular visits.

Then we detect which areas are lacking moisture and may discuss diet or stress related issues to address your healthy skin. We use galvanic scrub, and aroma steam, micro-current and rolling globes and acu points as well as energy work combined reiki and marma points. Ozone and natural collagen machine that also can tighten the skin and the pores.

Our products are freshly made upon your arrival and customized to the individual, there are also recommended products in our store for maintenance of your facial and elongate the purity and soften of your clear skin.  The products are organic and have only the best therapeutic ingredients that maintain the skin barrier.


The Chakra Lift Facial


The Chakra Lift Facial is one of the best anti-aging treatments that you can give your skin, a natural, holistic approach to help you attain younger looking, healthy skin. rejuvenates and restores a youthful appearance while decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it tones facial muscles and revives energy and the look of your face. You can have healthier skin that softens the appearance of wrinkles and slows down new ones. The facial is combined with a chakra serum, massage and energy techniques to create a temporary face-lift. We use the warm basalt stones and cool marble stones on the face to activate 12 facial marma/chakra points.


The Chakra Lift Facial improves face contour and prevents sagging while reducing the fats or cellulites in that area. It does so with a combination of lymphatic drainage and facial acupressure. The acupressure activates marma points & meridians and the result is that your face is less puffy and firmer. Capillaries are strengthened, facial lymph is cleansed, and skin becomes blemish free. Working on marma points around the eyes helps to reduce puffiness and dark circle. They also flush out potential harmful toxins encouraging the flow of oxygen to the tissues.

Through your face is how you see the world and muscles can become rigid as you walk daily through life with it's up and downs. Vice versa, the world perceives the expression of who you are and your essence by reading your face. Plastic surgery is not going to solve anything but mask it and it is oft perceived by others as something is "not quite right" even though they cannot tell exactly what is different about you. All you need to lift your face is special facial massage techniques that brings out your natural beauty. The great side effect are the release of stress, headaches, PMS symptoms, and relief of sinus congestion. It also reduces puffiness, swelling, and inflammation as well as TMJ.

People in their 40-50’s will benefit the most where they can see what was once relaxed saggy skin looking more firm. These areas are usually the skin on the eyebrows, the neck, and under the chin. What causes your face to look older the most is when wrinkles start to make surface around the area of you cheeks. Regular treatments are necessary, just like going to the gym, you have to maintain a tone and firming muscle. Excessive use of different products is not recommended and only use products that are prescribed for your particular type of skin. Every 6 weeks is a perfect regimen for your "Chakra Lift Facial".

April 21, 2013

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