Manifesting your dreams



There are people who say, Sandie, you are a great manifester. I think the greatest thing I ever did in organizing my belief system growing up was that I vowed, I would always be truthful and seek truth and I realized if you say you are going to say a statement to other people, then you have to back it up, it has to be true, you intention has to be behind it. If you say you are doing something, just announce it. It sets the wheels in fast motion, you have to do it.

I used to kick my ankle and chastize myself when I first started doing this at the age of nineteen, because I didn’t want to be a pretender, a liar, a fool, I didn’t want to look stupid. Without fail this method has always helped me to dream and then create an action. By telling other people what you are doing, it puts the thought out into the universe of sound, it allows others minds to build that thought into a strong position in the concrete universe of transactions. Oh, this getting escoterical, don’t want to lose ya there! Just truth and action, creates your dreams into reality. That is all! Practical isn’t it?


by Donald Westland