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Los Angeles Spa SceneHollywood, the Lakers, Rodeo Drive, and the beach scene…the Los Angeles area is famous for these and more, and the city is receiving rave reviews as an international spa celebrity as well. This hip city practically requires a relaxed, laid back vibe, and in a place that counts movie stars among its population, an attractive appearance is essential. With its diverse offering of spa retreats, you’re sure to find an L.A. spa that you’ll give four stars.

For the eco-friendly fans…
L.A. is celebrated as a green and sustainable city, and many spas have adopted a similar go-organic approach.

For the hipsters and enlightened…
There are hundreds of stylish, ethnic spa sanctuaries on offer in the city of Los Angeles. Check out the following if you seek a Zen-like awakening. Did we mention many are affordable?

Creative Chakra Spa


by Donald Westland