Our Sustainability Statement
The spa industry has embraced the concept of environmental sustainability as a natural part of its dedication to health and wellness.

Our Carbon Footprint
When couples request meals, we serve organic food and buy seasonal produce, or source our catering locally. We frequent our local farmer’s market to support our local California farmers.

We don’t keep our store lights on all the time, we don’t keep our electricity on all the time, we are conscious of not using excessive electric. We pay use green power from DWP. We use energy efficient bulbs. And we use energy star appliances for the laundry and the refrigerator. Even though we do have AC we do not use it. We use soy candles for light, whenever possible. We use local skilled licensed massage therapists who bike to work about 90% of the time. We do not use fragrances or perfumes.

Creative Chakra Spa inspires eco-friendly practices. Our Carbon Blueprint for our Building = 1.70 tons of CO2

Spa Health

Spa-Spider plants clean the air for clients to breathe. Being so close to the ocean means we have no need of air conditioning, which is a tremendous benefit for both us and our clients! Beyond that, we use aromatherapy to clean the air. We’re happy when clients leave the smoggier areas of Los Angeles to cleanse their lungs with us here.

The bath fresheners are made of aromatherapy. We don’t use disposable slippers, or paper towels. No chemicals used in spa treatments. Or any chemical anti-aging treatments.

The Ozone Hydrotherapy Spa is cleaned with ultra-violet and ozone, the barest trace of chemicals necessary, it’s PH Balanced with sodium bicarbonate. We are not polluting the water source with chemicals going back into the water system. Plus the Ozone only trace is pure oxygen.

Our Infrared Sauna cost about $6 a month compared to a $42 bill for a regular sauna.

Our Steam Room uses pure essential natural oils. Iit is cleaned down and ventilated after each use. In regular steam rooms the essential oils are diluted with alcohol in order to permeate the larger volume of air in a large room. Essential pils are also cut in larger spas to reduce and inhibit bacteria and mold in the grout between the tiles.

Commercial spas and chains have many people coming and going, all breathing the same steam so both essential oils and alcohol are appropriate! This is not the case at Creative Chakra. You and possible your spouse or friend have the steam all to yourselves and you alone. A more concentrated experience with the essential oils is what we offer.

Home-crafted Green Products
Our floors are cleaned with steam and/or white vinegar. Baking soda is still used here on surfaces, It can also be used to reduce wash powder in the laundry.

Using fewer chemicals again, we use our own, non-toxic miracle spray for windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. In winter we use radiant heaters in our large rooms, which is really energy efficient and effective.Our own on-site laundry spares us from needing dry cleaners or a service, which would use fuel to pick up and drop off. All laundry is done immediately after clients’ use that day.

We are currently researching non-toxic pedicures and manicures for our bridal spa parties. Currently, we do these mainly for the bridal spa parties outdoors on the lanai, and therefore well ventilated. We are researching, non-toxic waxing and toothpaste materials.

Green Packaging
Please visit creativechakra.com/products.htm to find out more about our green products. We have our signature line of non-toxic mouthwash, shampoo, shower gelle products for use for your visit at the spa. Facials, using plant based products with no chemicals or additives. We avoid bottled water, and use our own PUR filter system, to fill our water coolers, which are also in porcelain dispensers. Your drinking water is not sitting in plastic for a couple of weeks.

Our bamboo laminate wood floors has a protective coating on it, so excessive cleaning is not necessary. They are great for high traffic areas. No glues join the bamboo flooring just tongue and groove. We especially love the bamboo flooring in the yoga studio for classes and practicing. Wood flooring seems to keep staff stress levels down at the spa. This helps us create a peaceful environment where people do not have to turn to aspirin etc. We give discounts to employees for seminars yoga, treatments, facilities, sometimes free, so they can truly walk the talk of natural health care.

We use California and local resources for production of our packaging of our aromatherapy products. We avoid faxes. We email receipts, billing etc. We give the customer an option of a paper receipt or an email receipt. We support our local businesses by frequenting them via bike or foot.

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