creativechakra_stone massage-TiAn oasis amidst the chaos of our beloved city, Creative Chakra Spa is nestled in Marina del Rey only steps away from the ocean. Complete tranquility is found there as Creative Chakra takes the spa world to another level. Owner, Sandie West, explains that getting a massage is more than just an hour of getting pampered. It is vital to our health and state of mind to be relaxed
and to dismiss negative toxins from our bodies. The natural spa is governed by the ocean breezes, forcing you to feel at one with your surroundings. Creative Chakra is a holistic healing spa, offering an outdoor steam room along with tons of massage treatments all under 100 bucks. For a full day of do-good for your body, a yoga studio is on location for a pre-massage meditative experience.

We fell completely in love with this spa when we discovered their tea room, a custom tea and aromatherapy bar which completed our day of relaxation perfectly.

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